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  <TITLE>BIND acl Statement</TITLE>

<H2>BIND Configuration File Guide--<CODE>acl</CODE> Statement</H2>


<A NAME="Syntax"><H3>Syntax</H3></A>

acl <VAR>name</VAR> {
  <VAR><A HREF="address_list.html">address_match_list</A></VAR>


<A NAME="Usage"><H3>Definition and Usage</H3></A>

<P>The <CODE>acl</CODE> statement creates a named address match list.
It gets its name from a primary use of address match lists:  Access
Control Lists (ACLs).</P>

<P>Note that an address match list's name must be defined with
<CODE>acl</CODE> before it can be used elsewhere; no forward
references are allowed.</P>

The following ACLs are built-in:

Allows all hosts.

Denies all hosts.

Allows the IP addresses of all interfaces on the system.

Allows any host on a network for which the system has an interface.


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