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  <TITLE>BIND include Statement</TITLE>

<H2>BIND Configuration File Guide--<CODE>include</CODE> Statement</H2>


<A NAME="Syntax"><H3>Syntax</H3></A>

include <VAR><A HREF="docdef.html">path_name</A></VAR>;


<A Name="#Usage"><H3>Definition and Usage</H3></A>

<P>The <CODE>include</CODE> statement inserts the specified file at
the point that the <CODE>include</CODE> statement is encountered.  It
cannot be used within another statement, though, so a line such as
acl internal_hosts { include &quot;internal_hosts.acl&quot;; };
is not allowed.</P>

<P>Use <CODE>include</CODE> to break the configuration up into
easily-managed chunks.  For example:

include &quot;/etc/security/keys.bind&quot;;
include &quot;/etc/acls.bind&quot;;

<P>could be used at the top of a BIND configuration file in order to
include any ACL or key information.</P>

<P>Be careful not to type
&quot;<CODE>#include</CODE>&quot;, like you would in a C
program, because &quot;<CODE>#</CODE>&quot; is used to start a


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